Corona Virus

COVID-19 has become a permanent fact in our lives. If you have any questions regarding the latest official measures, please visit the Belgian Government’s website

Your HR responsible and the Cronos Prevention department will be available at all times for all inquiries and notification of Covid-19 infection.

We encourage you to listen to this interview with Dirk De Wachter:

Also the following podcast with Elke Van Hoof:

Self-test kits

Nasal and saliva COVID self-test kits are still available. Please contact Cronos Care for further information.

Registration App - (Flex)office

All employees whose presence in the offices is required are kindly requested to take the following into account:

  • Only use designated desks and sanitise your work area and used material before leaving.
  • Respect social distancing of 1,5m
  • Wear a buccal mask when walking around
  • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly
  • Use the registration app to book your desk in time or inform your manager.
  • Register upon arrival in the office or use the Cronos registration app (QR code)

Specialised Cleaning Programmes

Covid cleaning programmes focus on sanitizing particular areas such as certain surfaces, door handles, buttons, telephone devices, printers, etc.

In some cases, requiring special attention, we take the appropriate measures such as sanitising an entire work area of an infected employee. For further inquiry or requests please contact

Cronos Guidelines for Safety at Work

Cronos Groep NV has developed guidelines in compliance with official checklists of the Belgian Federal Government and our partner Attentia.

These guidelines are regularly updated and are at your disposal. They can be used as reference for safety at work for all Cronos Groep companies.

Click here to access the Cronos Gids.

Car Cleaning

Covid virus strains can survive for a while, nevertheless, we can help reduce the spread of the virus.

Are you ill or are you carpooling? Clean the car thoroughly with soap and water. Use alcohol-based detergents to disinfect the steering wheel, gearshift, dashboard, turn signal switch and handles. For the seats we recommend using soap and water. Products containing alcohol can damage the leather of car seats.

We take strict measures with regard to replacement vehicles or driver exchanges. We work closely with specialized cleaning companies to ensure professional and thorough vehicle hygiene.

We strongly advise you to wear gloves when refueling and to pay contactless.

For any questions regarding vehicle cleaning, precautionary measures, replacement cars, carpooling, driver exchanges or to make an appointment contact: