Office Exercises

Healthy nutrition does not go without sufficient exercise, it is essential to maintain a good health. We encourage you to hold walking or stand-up meetings, to use stand-up desks, and office bikes during working hours in the office. As ‘sitting is the new smoking’, we give you these five tips to exercise at least five minutes every hour.

1. Take a walk to your colleague’s desk instead of sending them an e-mail. Direct interaction contributes to people’s happiness.

2. Use a small cup to drink water so that you have to refill more frequently, which makes you walk more.

3. Use the lavatory on a different floor.

4. Google ‘Exercises at your desk’, a lot of effective exercises can easily and discreetly be done.

5. Lunch break is the perfect time to stretch your legs, alone or with colleagues.


With Cronos Be-Active we would like to help you to get ‘into action’ in a simple, accessible, and yet informative way. It is a complete programme to boost your vitality.

The Be Active program consists of several steps:


We invite you to the kick-off, a 75-minute group session where the programme is explained.

You can sign-up for the programme immediately after the session.


The first part of the activity scan consists of an individual consultation with a vitality coach. Your body weight, height, body fat percentage, BMI, Body Frame are measured and mapped out.

The second part is physical where you perform a step test or an individual test under continuous heart rate monitoring.


The processed data from the activity can are briefly explained.

With your approval a 12-week programme that is tailored to your needs will be drawn up. After that you will be ready to take up the challenge independently.


You have the possibility to book consults with a personal coach on a regular basis.


The progress will be mapped out. Based on the findings, a new 12-week program will be drawn up. An active lifestyle does not stop with a first evaluation measurement.

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Health Check Up 45+

Cronos offers all permanent 45+ employees a free health check-up every two years.

You will receive an invitation by e-mail if you are eligible. We partner with health provider and expert Attentia, which is an external organization specialising in health and well-being at work.

Health check-up: various programmes to choose from!

  • The Fit Check-up: evaluation of your general fitness condition and individual advice to help you achieve a life full of vitality
  • The Medical Check-up: extensive preventive medical check-up

These are the various programme options:

Fit Check-Up programme: on the way to a fitter life

The Fit Check-up gives you an insight into your physical fitness and offers you opportunities to optimise your condition by adapting your lifestyle. The result? More energy!

  • Blood test
  • Medical intake and resting electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) with effort
  • Fitness test (unless the doctor advises against it) on 21/9/2016: “Sportmed” certified effort test on the ergometric bike with a personal training plan and discussion in group.
  • Test-retest: to measure your progress a few months later a retest will follow with a second report full of tips

Each test includes a body scan (including fat measurement).

Medical Check-up programme: identifies your general health risks

The examination is carried out by a nurse and a doctor and consists of:

  • A general clinical assessment.
  • An eye test.
  • A hearing test.
  • A lung volume test.
  • A biological assessment: blood tests, urine tests, cholesterol tests, etc.
  • A resting electrocardiogram (ECG).
  • Cancer screening: for women, clinical breast examination (palpation), haemostasis test (detection of blood in the stool)
  • Cancer screening for men: PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), haemostatic test (to detect blood in the stool), rectal examination.

You will receive a personal report two to three weeks after the assessment. For reasons of confidentiality, this report will be sent to your home address. Cronos has no inspection access whatsoever.

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