Many people would like to enhance their ‘flexibility and mobility’. Of course, you know that yoga is not exclusively about that, but there is nothing wrong with training your body to become more flexible.

In fact, it has many advantages:

  • It helps you to let go of tension in the body
  • It helps you to move more freely
  • It makes you less injury prone
  • Your posture improves and you feel more comfortable in your body.
  • There is more room for your breathing and the flow of energy
  • It stimulates your nervous system

Whether you practice yoga intensively or once a week, it enriches your life. After a while, you will start to notice more and more positive effects in your body, in your mind and in your life in general. Yoga can become your lifestyle.

Would you like to feel energetic, strong, flexible, and balanced? Discover what yoga can do for you, live or online.

Online classes

10 lessons on pre-scheduled dates for 85 euros.
Take 3 live lessons first before switching to online.

  • Monday morning from 7.30am to 8am – Dynamic morning yoga (ashtanga based)

Live classes (Yoga room old Ziva)

10 classes 105 euro / drop-in 13 euro

  • Thursday afternoon from 12h to 13h

Individual lessons?

Feel free to email for more info.

Ann Van Turnhout

A few years ago, I started practicing Pilates because I wanted to strengthen my body. At the same time, my sister was inspired by yoga, and we soon exchanged our experiences. The idea of Yoga got hold of me and soon I followed a teachers’ training course. At Cronos I have been teaching colleagues for a few years now. Thanks to their enthusiasm and the effect I experience on many, my yoga passion keeps growing. I would like to inspire more of my colleagues and introduce them to yoga and what it can do to them.



Every Tuesday evening there is a FUN training in Den Willecom (Edegem). It takes place from 6 pm sharp and ends around 7.30 pm. We welcome you to be there 15 minutes earlier, so we can start on time!

Cronos provides equipment, but of course you can bring your own. Afterwards there is the opportunity to shower and to have a chat in the cafeteria.

Ambassador Anne Fanal will be happy to help you if you want to participate! Feel free to send her an e-mail!


You can join the afterwork FUN training on a weekly basis at any level. Contact Anne Fanal regarding the planning and practical arrangements.