Occupational Accident

The aim is of course to have as few accidents at work as possible, but what should you do if a work-related accident with injury nevertheless occurs in the following situations:


In case of a serious accident at work with more than 4 days of incapacity for work.

  • A commuting accident
  • An accident during working hours
  • An accident at a company event
Take the following steps:
  • Refer your employee to the doctor or hospital emergency services and have the affected person bring along the medical certificate so the attending physician can fill it out immediately AND inform preventie@cronos.be.  Injury does not necessarily have to mean inability to work.
  • Have your employee fill out the declaration form from points 1 to 44.
  • The medical certificate should be sent within a week, together with the partially completed declaration form, to preventie@cronos.be. The prevention advisor will then process the declaration, take preventive measures, and fulfill further administration.

If an accident only requires a minor first aid intervention and remains without consequences (e.g. treatment of a superficial cut), it does not qualify as an occupational accident and no further actions are required. If the employee is involved in an accident during their private time, you may report this to your HR responsible.

Car Policy

In the Company Car Policy, employees can find an answer to all questions when considering the use of company car.

The document can be found in Cronos Central.


All insurance companies are obliged to register the pension saving plans of employees on this website.

Employees can log in via e-ID to view their pension saving plans with their various employers and at the same time they can see how long they still have to work before they can legally retire.

Retiring is a major event. It is the start of a new phase in life.

As a group, we want to ensure a smooth transition and send off the retiring employee on a pleasant note and support a happy start to their new life.

“Thank you”

Do you have a colleague who is about to retire? Then you can count on Cronos Care to put them in the spotlight one more time. Our support ranges from helping you organise a grand surprise retirement party to choosing a great personalised gift. Feel free to contact cronoscare@cronos.be

Life Events

Birth, marriage, moving in together

Congratulations with this happy major life event! Share your happiness and inform your manager of official life events. This can impact your salary, your civil status, and must therefore be processed by our HR-services.

Grief counselling

Mourning the loss of a beloved one is an overwhelming process which most probably deeply affects your daily functioning at home and at work. Cronos also wants to offer support to accommodate the employee during this process.

Would you like to have more information on grief counselling? Contact cronoscare@cronos.be


Would you like to convey your congratulations or condolences as a private person or from your unit/company? Cronos Care can offer flowers, a gift or something else. Feel free to contact us so we can decide together and deliver the chosen item to the address of your choice.


Cronos believes in lifelong learning and expertise through knowledge. In a constantly changing online world, it is important to keep up to date with knowledge and skills.

Employees are invited to attend training courses or obtain the necessary certificates in order to provide optimal service to customers.

The nature of your training courses or required skills depends very much on your position within the company and your personal needs.

Several group companies work with a PDP (Personal Development Plan) per employee. This involves entering into a dialogue about the desired developments and the chosen direction. This is how we stimulate personal growth and self-reflection.

Do you have any questions, or would you like more information? Please contact your coordinator.

Many training courses also qualify for a premium. More information via cronoscare@cronos.be or cevora@cronos.be.

Career Break

Career break is part of the (federal government) regulation of career interruption. It was introduced by the social partners (employers’ federations and trade union organisations) and offers employees who are employed in the private sector the possibility of temporarily suspending or reducing their working hours.

The purpose of this form of career break is to better reconcile work and private life.

During the suspension or reduction of their working hours, employees on a career break can receive a monthly payment from the RVA (National Employment Office) as a replacement income. In that case, the suspended or reduced performances can possibly be assimilated to their pension.

As an employee, you can consult your individual file to find out whether you are still entitled to a career break. You can do this via the website breakatwork.be or simply via the button below.

Work-Life Balance

The congestion problem is also forcing the business world to think about mobility. Being stuck in traffic jams is not pleasant for anyone but is unfortunately a daily reality.

The best home-work trips are therefore those that can be avoided.

Decentralisation, a wide range of offices spread geographically over the entire country, flexible working hours and the aspect of working closer to home offer employees many advantages.

Cooperation through video conferences is another possibility. We have several meeting rooms equipped with cameras so that people can confer without having to be in the same place.

It is also common to discuss a flexible working schedule with the customer in which employees work on site a number of days a week and the other days from the office and still have daily customer meetings.

Personal Growth

Employees can independently contact various coaches in all discretion to follow a coaching programme. Check our Mental Health page for an overview of all our coaches!