Electric Car Charging Stations

The charging plaza is operational at Veldkant in Kontich with 33 charging points at your disposal. This number will be upgraded to 200 as of 27 July 2022 at 33a, 33b, 35a, 35b, 35c, 35d and all related sites in Kontich. The spots are reserved for full electric or hybrid plug-in vehicles. Cars that are fully charged are expected to free up the spots for other cars to charge.

Cronos chose to fully support electric cars in line with our core value to be a trendsetter in the most advanced technologies.


In terms of percentage, our fleet has become much cleaner over the past years. Whereas in 2007, most cars still had emissions of 146 to 195 grams, we saw a tangible decrease as low as 61 to 105 grams in 2016.

Important to know is that since 2015, not a single car had CO2 emissions higher than 170 grams, whereas four years earlier this was still more than 5 percent.

Cronos sensitises employees when choosing a new company car and encourages electric cars or cars with low CO2 emissions. Multiple charging points are available on the various campuses. We noted that some cars have been registered with CO2 emissions lower than 60 grams since the beginning of 2016.

We also promote bicycle commuting and make commuter bicycles available for short distance trips.

Car Free Day

Mobility week (third week of September) is an exceptional eventful week with plenty of initiatives to enhance your physical health. Helping you exercise is one of our areas of expertise! We top it off with a useful goodie bag for all coworkers who show creativity or courage by exchanging their cars for an alternative commuter vehicle on their way to work on Car Free Day.

Mobility and road safety are not the only areas we work on, we also take your healthy lifestyle at heart. To encourage our coworkers to adopt healthy habits we organise sports activities and a wide variety of exercise events at your hearts’ content. Our dedicated mobility partners will also share their expertise and offer the possibility to experience high-end novelties. Make sure to stop by and marvel at all we offer.

Mobility Center

The Mobility Center is made accessible to all coworkers by means of their entrance badge. Safe and dry parking spots for motorcycles and bikes are available. Car exchanges take place in the Mobility Center as well, before handing them over to the next driver, a car expert performs an assessment or audit.

As your car leasing includes windshield replacement insurance, Carglass repairs the damage without additional cost. Call 0800 136 36 to make an appointment and leave your car in the Mobility Center in the morning.

Does your car need deep cleaning? Take a look at our services webpage.

Bicycles and Commuter Bikes


Cronos supports coworkers who come to work by bicycle with the necessary infrastructure. The Mobility Center is the dedicated area with designated dry and safe parking spots for your favorite commuter vehicle. Need to freshen up or store your helmet in a safe place? You can use the showers and lockers in the Mobility Center or in the office building at Veldkant 39.

Commuter Bikes

For short-distance commuter between office buildings you can use commuter bikes with bags which you can find in the headquarters in the Mobility Center, at Veldkant 39 and also at Prins Boudewijnlaan 41. Our offices in Leuven will follow soon.

Do you have questions or suggestions for your campus? Contact fleet department at wagens@cronos.be

Individual Approach

Cronos opts for an individual approach to best respond to the needs of all employees. A company car is not necessarily the preferred choice for everyone. Some rather use a bicycle or prefer a public transportation season ticket.

For more information, please contact your responsible, HR or Cronos Fleet.