To help all employees sustain their physical health while working we have put in place a few alterations and offer useful tips.

Stand-up desks have been set up at various locations where you can work, or hold stand up meetings.

When looking for office furniture we recommend height-adjustable desks. Suppliers also offer ergonomic office chairs with a free trial period.

Further tips are walking meetings, after-lunch walks in open air or occasionally using the printer on a different floor to encourage walking up and down the stairs.

These are but a few options to ensure that you move more during work and prevent physical complaints in doing so.

Working from home is certainly not a new given in our field and requires a well-organised home office with an ergonomic set-up.

Fire Safety

In order to be prepared for possible events, we are continuously working on a range of prevention training courses. For those interested, we organise fire safety and evacuation.

If you wish to take part in a fire safety training course, please contact


On average, 1 in 10 people get the flu every year. 

Flu vaccination from mid-October to December offers the best protection.

This year we are also organising free flu vaccinations for employees. You can register via the link below.

First Aid

An accident can happen at any time. That is why it is useful to have knowledgeable people in the workplace.

There are first aid kits in every office which are easily identifiable by a green sticker with a white cross on top.

We organise first aid courses on a regular basis. If you want to take part, send an email to

The first aid or Nurse-room is located on the ground floor of the office building at Veldkant 35, Kontich.

Click here to view the list of first aiders.

I was honoured to receive an invitation to participate in this course. I already knew quite a lot of the subject matter and therefore expected to be sure I was doing everything right. I found the course to be relaxed, concise and clear. For me personally it could be more tailored to my knowledge. What struck me most is what a difference CPR can make.

AED Device

Life-saving action is not something everyone has ready knowledge of. An AED device makes resuscitation accessible to everyone.

This device takes over the reanimation and accompanies you until the emergency services arrive. Caution! Always dial 112 first to notify the emergency services.

There are 3 AEDs in our offices in Kontich and Edegem. The map helps you to identify the buildings on Veldkant

In the entrance hall of building 31.
In the entrance hall of building 33a
Prins Boudewijnlaan 41 at Uptime.

Prevention Service

Every employer has a legal obligation to actively contribute to the well-being of employees at work. To ensure this, we have an internal service for protection and prevention at work.

For tasks requiring particular expertise, our internal service works with external partner Attentia.

Next to its mainly advisory role, the internal prevention service takes up additional responsibilities as well.

For more information or practical documents, click here.

If you have any questions or remarks about well-being and prevention at work, please contact the internal prevention service at