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Cronos Groep offers flu vaccination, free of charge, on various Cronos sites on several days. If you are not available on the suggested days, you can order a vaccine and book a consultation with your GP for administration.

Please mail us at griepvaccin@cronos.be


The vaccine is not only recommended for people at risk, but also for their close contacts who could possibly infect them.

  • Adults and children with heart disease, lung disease such as severe asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), liver or kidney disease, diabetes, chronic muscle disease, reduced resistance due to other diseases or medical treatment and immune disorders.
  • Pregnant women who are in the second or third trimester of their pregnancy during flu season
  • Vaccination can also be useful for healthy 50+ people

Yes. The influenza vaccine has an efficacy of about 70%; not 100% because the strains in the vaccine are not always completely identical to the new season’s influenza. Vaccinated people can still get the flu, but usually in a less severe form. The flu vaccine only protects against flu viruses. It does not protect against other winter ailments caused by completely different viruses. For example, you can still get a cold or laryngitis. This is often mistaken for the flu. This vaccine does not protect against the SARS-CoV-2 virus either.

Yes. There are no harmful substances in the vaccine. It can be administered to people with weakened immunity and to pregnant women. However, temporary side effects such as redness around the injection site, slight fever and sore muscles are possible.

Very rarely, an allergic reaction is possible, for example if you are allergic to chicken protein. It is therefore recommended to stay around for half an hour after the flu shot.

Following the advice of our prevention partner, we work with the tetravalent vaccine. This is the most complete vaccine on the market and is usually recommended for pregnant women.

The trivalent vaccine protects against three types of flu (two A-types and one B-type), the tetravalent protects against four types of flu (two A-types and two B-types). The tetravalent vaccine has an additional influenza B virus component.