Belgium is known for its not particularly sunny and summery weather so, walking to the office in the rain is quite usual. Umbrellas in the Mobility Center, where you leave your bike, and at the entrance of other office buildings are there for you to keep you dry.

Don’t let the rain spoil your work mood and your meetings. We kindly ask you to put the umbrellas back in place when you no longer need them. This way, they will be available for other colleagues to enjoy their walks in the rain as much as you have.

Car Wash

In ‘Discounts’ you will find all interesting car wash facilities.

Cronos coworkers can use an individual car wash ticket at XL-Carwash, Prins Boudewijnlaan in Kontich. For more details regarding discounts and on how to obtain your ticket, take a look at the discount page.

Car Beauty Center also offers extra services. You can leave your car in the Mobility Center upon arrival in the morning. For practical details regarding your appointment, you can contact them directly.

Bringme Box

You will find Bringme boxes at the reception area in Veldkant 33a, in Kontich and at Prins Boudewijnlaan 41, in Edegem.

The boxes allow reception of parcels without third party. The deliverer puts your parcel in the box which you can access with your personal key. It is safe, discreet, and flexible.

You can download the Bringme app for free in the iOs and Android app-stores.

For more information take a look at the website or pick up a flyer at the reception.

Lending Service

Did you know that Cronos Care:

  • Provides free lending services where you can temporarily get all kinds of material and promotional products?
  • Lends a professional hand in the practical organisation of your events, customer relation or PR- and teambuilding activities?
  • Offers guidance, advice, and if needed, full support for your events?

Make sure to contact us in time as our supplies are not endless! Need a tent, an extra chair, table, glasses, … or material to increase your visibility at a sponsored event? Cronos Care is your dedicated support partner!

Send your requests to

Let us join hands in making your activity a success.

Clothing Drop

Out of fashion, too small for your kids or too large for you? You know the feeling of an ever dynamic and bursting wardrobe. Where do you go to with all of the clothes that are no longer useful or needed?

Cronos welcomed a green clothing container at the Mobility Center (Veldkant 8) to help you give a new life to your clothes!

TIP: You can also donate them to family and friends or buy consciously and choose sustainable clothes!

How to use the clothing drop:

  • What to drop in the container?
    • Non-damaged clothes
    • Shoes, per pair
    • Bed linen, curtains and tablecloths
  • Put the clothes in a bag to prevent them from getting wet or dirty during transport.
  • What NOT to drop in the container?
    • Pillows
    • Dirty clothes
    • Carpets
    • Electric blankets

Food boxes

Meal package suppliers deliver your food box in Kontich to facilitate your meal preparation without waste of time in the supermarket for groceries.

Fox Cuisine offers a few menus to choose from every day and delivers around 16:00.

Foodbag offers Sana-boxes which are based on the Sandra Bekkari’s Sana-method. Go to for more details.

Consult ‘My Benefits’ for more information on discounts and options.


The Cronos library, a silent offline reading spot, is available at Veldkant 35a.

All coworkers looking for a silent offline break or moment to recollect can use the library room.

From now on, the bib can also be used as a lactation and signalling prayer room.

For fire safety reasons, this door may not be closed from the inside, but you can change the sign on the door from ‘welcome’ to ‘do not disturb’.

There are 4 lockers present but 2 of them are already occupied, the other 2 can be used.

You are kindly requested not to use this room as a meeting place.

In practice:

  • You want to donate books and / or magazines? Put them in the ‘donate’ rack at the entrance of the Cronos library, with a personal note or message for the next reader. Or leave them at the reception at Veldkant 33a
  • If you don’t work in Kontich, mail to with the request to collect the items you want to donate.
  • Take books free of charge from the Cronos library, old newspapers can be collected, the newspaper of the day remains in the library.
  • You can leave your smartphone, tablet or other device in the library locker.
  • You don’t need an entrance badge.
  • Daily opening hours are from 08:00 till 18:00.

Questions, remarks, book, or other suggestions are welcome via