When you sign yourself up during Mobility Week to switch from company car to another means of transport; and it’s not possible to stop by one of our bicycle repair points, you can subscribe yourself for the Servicepass.

The Servicepass has a value of 30 euro, and is offered by Cronos. You can use it to pay for your bicycle repair in one of the stores that is linked to the bicycle network of B2Bike (

It is best to show them this document, so that the shopkeeper knows it is OK to use your pass for your personal bicycle (this is because the map is usually used for lease bicycles).

Whether you want to have a limited or a big check-up of your bicycle, the first 30 euro are already covered by Cronos!

When you only would like a limited check-up and thus limit the costs to the value of the pass, you should let this know when you deliver your bicycle for the check-up. This way, the shopkeeper can take this into account.