Inclusion in Media and Marketing:

Keynote by Clusity

A lot has been said and written on diversity and inclusion, and yet we still face so many challenges in our attempt to make the corporate world more diverse and inclusive.

On 31 August, Clusity, which is part of Cronos Groep, organised an event where keynote speakers Soraya Hayani and Kristel Vanderlinden highlighted the importance of inclusion in the media and marketing, and by extension in the society we live in and model.

Clusity’s key principle, reflected in the keynote, is ‘betterment’: How can we demonstrate our best practices? How can we improve? Who and what could be useful in this proces?

The keynote speakers explained how marketing agencies handle diversity and inclusion and the importance of hiring D&I experts to enhance marketing and recruitment campaigns. A perfect example is how making job ads gender neutral by adding ‘m/f/x’ is far from being sufficient to attract all target groups. Men and women react differently to specific vocabulary or grammatical constructions. Other aspects need to be considered as well to achieve inclusive job ad campaigns.

The same exercise applies to ad campaigns for brands. The consumer only sees the end product: a billboard or poster, gender neutral attire, etc.  A whole brainstorm and design proces precedes. Big brands aim at diversity in general and not only gender diversity.

You will find a few example cases for inspiration in the presentation. The keynote ends with six takeaways to get on with:

  1. Engagement
  2. Courage
  3. Bias awareness
  4. Curiosity
  5. Cultural intelligence
  6. Cooperation

Would you like to know how you can implement D&I in your recruitment and marketing campaigns? Contact, and we will connect you with our experts!

Clusity is a new Cronos initiative, that advocates for more women in tech. In bringing bloom stories, organising seminars, workshops, and events they aspire to inspire the tech world. Take a look at all the upcoming events on: